Ofsted Inspection

Ofsted Inspection:

Our School was inspected in September 2016 and rated by Ofsted as a 'Good' School.

To read the full report please use the link below:


Our recent Ofsted rating has been reported by Norhampton Chronicle and Echo: To see the full Newspaper report please use the link below:


Northampton school celebrates good Ofsted rating after moving out of special measures

Hardingstone Academy, which is run by EMLC Academy Trust, was visited by inspectors in September, who praised the school's leadership and the "impeccable" behaviour of the students.Current principal, Zoe McIntyre, took over the school as it went into special measures in 2014 and launched a two-year improvement programme. She said: "The comments from the inspectors in the report reflect the huge journey the academy has undertaken since its last inspection in April 2013. It reflects the incredible hard work and achievements of the entire academy.”