Welcome to Reception

Our first day at school

We enjoyed exploring our new environment, making new friends and getting to know the teachers.  



We were all so proud when we had completed our first week of school!


So much to do in the outdoor area - 



We have been exploring Autumn objects and finding out about Diwali.  



             Making our own Rangoli patterns on the floor.


Winter Wonderland


This term we have been exporing winter and the artic.  We have been learning about the types of animals that live in the artic, how people travel around and the types of homes they live in. We have also been learning about shapes and money.  



We loved playing in the snow - just in time for Christmas!



We have had an amazing time exploring space.  We have learnt all about the planets, moons, astronauts and rockets.



We have also been exploring concepts such a weight, length and capacity.

Once Upon a Time

We started this half term fidning out about Chinese New Year - we experienced a Chinese Dance class and  enjoyed a Chinese themed lunch menu from our amazing caterers.  


We have loved listening to, retelling and acting out lots of traditional tales such as The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack the Beanstalk, The Enormous Turnip and the Gingerbread Man.  



We have made vegetable soup, lots of art work and constructed our own homes for the Three Little Pigs - all of these withstood the mighty Big Bad Wolfs' Huffs and Puffs!!!

In maths we looked at 3D shapes using every day objects and sequenced events in our day.