Spring 1: Rocks and Fossils

During the term, we have enjoyed trying to classify rocks in our science lessons. We tried sorting them by colour, shape and whether they were smooth or rough to the touch. We looked at sorting them using tables, Venn and Carroll diagrams.


We enjoyed our taster session for dance club. Many of us showed lots of natural rhythm!


Here we are trying out some Chinese dancing to celebrate the Chinese New Year.



Autumn 2: Water Water Everywhere!

To help with our water topic, we had a visit from Caroline from Anglian Water. She told us so may interesting things about the water cycle and how water is treated. We learned that only about 1% of the earth's water is fresh water and can be used. Caroline showed us many ways in which we can save water at home and at school. 


Since the beginning of December, we have been visited by a very mischievious elf called Elvis! Here are just a couple of his antics! 

Diving into shark infested water                      

         Climbing a skyscraper

This term, we have really enjoyed learning gymnastics with our fantastic coach, Jo. We have learnt so much about different shapes and balances.


To help get us in the Christmas spirit, the Waste Education Team visited the school to help us make some Christmas decorations from our recycling. They also delivered an assembly to help us learn more about what happens to our rubbish and what we can do to help.  


We had an amazing opportunity to take part in a dig box activity. We uncovered different artefacts and were then able to write a recount about the experience. This super activity was led by two trainee teachers from the University of Northampton and enabled the whole school to write using the same stimulus. 


The Waste and Energy Education Bus came to visit year 3 and 4. We enjoyed climbing aboard and learning how to Reduce, Reuse and Recyce. 


We all had an amazing visit to Cadbury World. Our educational talk by Priya gave us lots of facts and information about how cocoa beans are turned into chocolate. We even got to smell all the different ingredients. This helped us to write our explanation text about how chocolate is made.

Cadbury World nearly recruited one of the class as a new member of staff!


Autumn 1: Mummy Mayhem

Year 3 have loved learning about the mummification process as part of our history topic on ancient Egypt, We seemed to particularly enjoy learning about what happened to the different body parts! We tested our mummification skills and worked out who made the best mummy!


We have enjoyed problem solving in maths, using objects to help us calculate possible solutions


We love using GoNoodle when we need a bit of a brain break!

We have created some fabulous homework - artefacts from Tutankhamun's tomb

Science investigations - is it transparent, translucent or opaque?